Conference Preparation


All of the committees at MPHMUN 2017 (with the exception of the Security Council) are run resolution style. For each topic, a delegate is expected to bring around 50 copies of their resolution. Copies must be made beforehand, as we are unable to provide copying services on the day of the conference. If this is a problem, please alert your chair prior to the conference for an alternate solution. Your chair’s email will be found in their chair letter on the “Committees” page once released.



Delegates are unable to use laptops and other mobile devices (including cell phones) during committee. If the chairs find a delegate using their cell phone during committee, the phone will be confiscated and returned to the delegate at the end of the conference. Similarly, if a delegate has to be warned repeatedly about anything (dress code, electronic device usage, inappropriate/disruptive behavior, etc.), they will be asked to leave. Please do not bring laptop computers and be sure to silence your cell phones when the conference begins.


Conference Payments

The school fee this year is $50, and the individual delegate fee is $25.


Chair Letters

Chair letters can be accessed by visiting the “Committees” tab on the menu bar, once they are posted. Your chairs should be able to answer any questions that you have about your committee and topics, please use their email provided in the chair letter to contact them with any questions.


Delegation and Committee Assignments

Delegation and Committee Assignments will be emailed directly to advisors; please email delegate numbers and country preferences to


Dress Code

As we do every year, MPHMUN expects a certain level of professionalism in the dress of attending delegates.  We encourage everyone attending to take a look at the “Dress Code” tab.


Keeping MPHMUN 2017 Eco-Friendly

  • Try to print double-sided as often as possible
  • Use a smaller font size for position papers (Times New Roman, 10 pt. font is recommended)
  • Use the margins of papers to take notes instead of using a new sheet of paper
  • Print in black and white instead of color
  • Try to reuse notes when communicating with the same delegate during the conference
  • If possible, read chair letters online to minimize paper waste


Delegate Awards

Please remember that to be eligible for awards, you (the delegate) must bring a position paper along with a resolution for all three topics. Ideally, you should bring two copies of your position paper; one for yourself during debate, the other for the chairs to look over. You must also bring 50 copies of your resolutions. There are four types of awards at MPHMUN: one Best Delegate Award, one Outstanding Delegate, one Honorable Mentions and one Best New Delegate. The delegate grading rubric will be sent to advisors to share with their students.


Additional Questions

Other questions that you may have can likely be answered by visiting the “Delegate Resources” page. There, you will find helpful information about research and writing resolutions. If you have any questions that cannot be answered by your chairs or the website, please visit the “Contact Us” tab (found on the menu bar above) and do not hesitate to email the secretariat at

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